Our Team & Partners

SDÉ is also the delegate member organization for the province of BC within the Réseau de développement économique et d’employabilité of Canada (RDÉE).

Donald Cyr

Donald Cyr,
Executive Director
(604) 732-3435

Donald Cyr is the Executive Director for the Société de DéveloppementÉconomique de la Colombie Britannique (SDÉ). Mr. Cyr was Professor of Marketing at the University of Moncton. Later, as a planning analyst for the airports group at Transport Canada in BC, Donald was responsible for the market research, planning and design of airport facilities. Donald is the author of The Art of Global Thinking: Integrating organizational philosophies of east and west, Purdue University Press, 2002 and co-author of Marketing Your Product now in its 5 th edition and available in seven languages. Donald graduated with an MBA from the University of Moncton; and a BA and BSC from the University of New Brunswick. He is a member of “The Association of Professional Economists of British Columbia”. He is also a member of the Vancouver Board of Trade and La Chambre de Commerce Francophone de Vancouver.

Pascale Knoglinger

Pascale Knoglinger,
Director Economic Development Initiatives
(604) 732-3534


Since the fall of 2015, Pascale Knoglinger is the Director of Economic Development Initiatives at SDÉ. Pascale is a passionate champion of rural and economic development initiatives. She has led the introduction of the Économusée® Artisans at Work Network in British Columbia as well as the development of training and business succession models for the artisanal agrifood and craft sector in BC. Over the years, she has supported several community groups and co-operative organizations in their development and planning stages. Pascale is a Simon Fraser University graduate in Economics and Community Economic Development. Pascale is a proud mother as well representative on her local Advisory Planning Commission.

Caroline Berger Advisor

Caroline Berger,
Organizational Development
(604) 732-3534

Caroline Berger joined our team in September 2015. Her experience with Business France (formerly UBI France), and her expertise in communications and business marketing make her a formidable asset for implementing the SDÉ’s employability programs. She holds a Master’s degree in International Business Management from the École supérieure du commerce extérieur de France and a Master’s degree in Services Marketing and Management from the École de Management de Lyon.

Joël Tremblay

Joël Tremblay,
Project Manager – Technology
(604) 732-3534

Joël Tremblay has been employed by the SDÉ since 1999 and has held various positions within the organization, including Rural Development Officer and Project Manager – Technology. As part of his duties, he collaborated in the establishment of a network of community sites and the publication of Dossier magazine. Since April 2016, Joël has been involved in economic immigration matters and is working to put in place a portal for skilled workers from Francophone countries.

Lorraine Plourde

Lorraine Plourde,
Economic Development Officer
(250) 382-7132

Lorraine Plourde holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hotel Management (UQÀM), a Certificate in Art History (Laval University), and a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts (NSCAD University). She has been actively involved in community development for many years, focusing her efforts on enhancing the appreciation of culture and heritage as a vector of community economic and social development. She joined the SDÉ team in September 2015.

Nicole Smith-McGregor

Nicole Smith-McGregor,
Project Manager – Tourism
(604) 732-3534

Nicole Smith-MacGregor is the SDÉ’s Tourism Project Manager. She is a graduate of studies in Art History and Archeology, as well as History and Far Eastern Philology. Previously, she worked for 20 years in the tourist industry in Paris before immigrating to British Columbia and being hired by the SDÉ in 2000 to develop the content of its tourism website: www.tourisme-cb.com. Since then, Nicole has worked on developing other projects to promote British Columbia’s Francophone and Francophile businesses, and she strives to raise the awareness of policy-makers regarding bilingualism and the province’s Francophone heritage.